Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby's Heartbeat

Friday, 7.27.07 Patrick came with me to my 16 week ob appointment. My bp and weight were checked, we passed on optional testing and then got to hear the baby's heartbeat. This was my third time hearing the baby's heartbeat and Patrick's first. It was so fun to hear baby's heart beating away. I got teary eyed hearing it and it was fun to see Patrick's reaction!! Such a miracle. Last month baby's heartbeat was 163 and this time it was in the 140s-150s -- that's good.
So far pregnancy is great! Everything is going well and I have no complaints. My lack of motivation in the evening has worn off and Pat's thankful for that as I can get more household chores accomplished again. I'm also able to exercise yet. Patrick is jogging with me but I won't go more than 2 miles. The 5K and 10Ks are going to have to wait until next year. My mom and I are also going to look into doing water aerobics at a local pool together. That would be great exercise for me as I progress and I would love the company cuz' I know Patrick wouldn't do that one with me. : )

Prego Brenda!!

Above, Brenda at 16.2 weeks pregnant. The bump is growing... : ) Baby J is approximately 1/2 pound and 4 1/2 inches long. I am still able to fit into my regular clothes (thanks to the low-rise style). According to a weekly e-mail, Baby J will triple in size within the next three weeks. I best get that belly band my sister-in-law recommended -- my clothes probably won't fit so well in the next few weeks! FYI -- With a belly band, you are able to wear your regular clothes with the button/closure undone and sits low on your belly over your pants to hold your pants up. Sounds like a great invention!

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