Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading & Dancing Video Clip

Here is a clip of Maizie paging through her books and then deciding it is time to dance.

She started walking a couple steps at a time early this month and is now walking with confidence. It has opened a whole new world for her. Yesterday she pulled out a deck of cards from an end table in the family room, walked through the room and into our bedroom. She returned moments later without the cards. She proceeded to take another deck out of the drawer, again made her way to our bedroom and returned empty handed. She grabbed a third deck and after entering our bedroom, I decided to follow her to see where she thought these cards should be. I spotted her in our bathroom placing the third deck next to the other two on top of the toilet seat. She started giggling when she realized she was "busted."

Earlier that day, she brought me a pair of my warm novelty socks as I sat at the kitchen table. I thanked her and she smiled with pride that she made mommy happy. She turned around and a minute later returned with another pair. Within five minutes, I had four pair of my fuzzy socks at the kitchen table. Such a good-natured girl!

Words she likes to say: Uh-oh, mama, dada, mom, Stacy (her beloved daycare provider), ba-ba (i.e., puppy), Elmo, kna-kna (i.e., knock-knock). She has said "gandpa" too but we're still working on grandma.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Update

Maizie had her first tooth poke through on 12.11 followed by a second on 1.1. She now has 5 teeth with a 6th coming in.

I captured Maizie dancing to her reggae music. Check out that releve. Perhaps a future dancer?

I have more video to post, but it is not uploading properly so I'll try again sometime this week. Take care of you!

February Pictures

Maizie and I were rolling the basketball and soccer ball back and forth to each other last month. I took this picture for daddy...the sport nut loves it!

Click the clip above if you want to hear a little girl laughing. We can really get her going before bedtime.
It is hard to believe she used to take up just a small portion of her crib space one year ago. We're planning on moving her to a bedroom downstairs early this fall. It will be a hard transition for me. We've started to bring her into her future room to play so that she is somewhat used to it. It should be interesting.

In February, Maizie discovered that she can crawl onto the middle of our whicker table in the sunroom. It has become a fun activity for her to crawl through it again and again. Cheap entertainment!

I still absolutely love watching our angel sleep. Life is so precious; Maizlyn is proof of that.