Monday, February 18, 2008

Daddy's Little Bear Cub

Look at those cheeks and lips!!
Maizlyn chillin' with her godmother.

Maizie has changed her tune with regards to bathtime. She now enjoys her baths and is so darn cute in her birthday suit!

As I mentioned earlier, I love the expressions Maizlyn makes during REM sleep. Pictured here, I managed to capture one of her priceless smiles while she slept in my lap on 2.1.08. So cute!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maizlyn's Baptism

Maizlyn was baptized after Mass Saturday, 2.9.08. She did so well -- didn't even cry when Father poured the Holy Water over her head with a seashell. She wore the baptismal gown that her mom wore when she was baptized one month shy of 28 years ago, and the last one to wear it was her Godmother on her baptism.

Maizie Reese with her Godparents Bonnie & Paul Radjenovich; Grandma & Grandpa Felling; & Grandma & Grandpa Jennissen.

Here is a Fourth Generation picture. Great-grandpa Felling, Grandpa Felling, mommy and Maizlyn.