Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Blue Eyes

Content after bath time. Pat has become quite the photographer and captured this smile she had for me while lying on our bed. Look at her blonde hair finally coming in. Very exciting! We went to Madison for a long weekend and she was very good for both the drive there and back. Pat & I took in a Dave Matthews Band concert Saturday so Ryan, Beth, Jacob & John watched Maizie for us -- thanks again you guys! Maizlyn is so lucky to have such great cousins. She loved playing with the boys & Jacob slept next to Maizie's pack-n-play to make sure she would be alright until Pat & I returned. We are so happy she has such caring older male cousins who will look out for our little girl!
Maizlyn has been able to sit up all on her own for a couple of weeks now. Here she is sitting on my stomach while playing together a few weeks ago.

Maizie fell asleep while I went for a run last month. I love this stroller! It was my first "baby" purchase after we found out we were pregnant. I can connect my ipod to it and it plays through a couple of small speakers.

Patrick & I took Maizie on her first ride on the swing in the park behind our house. She absolutely loved it! This is the only picture we got -- good thing as the camera batteries died immediately after Pat took it.