Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Know our Baby's Birthdate

Well it was an early morning. I woke up around 4:15 and could not fall back asleep. I finally got out of bed at 5:00, had breakfast & got ready for the hospital. Pat and I arrived at admissions at 7:00 AM. The lady said, "so you're here for your induction, right?" I was like huh?! No, that would be a version. She changed the error in the computer and we proceeded to the Birthing Floor. I got into the wonderful hospital gown, got weighed and hooked up to the baby heart rate monitor and contraction monitor (version can trigger them). My ob/gyn did the ultrasound to confirm her position. We were hopeful baby turned on her own but that she did not. Poor little girl has her head up by her feet yet. Doc said she's in a good position for the version but that there isn't much amniotic fluid left -- just pockets of it. He said typically the odds of a version being successful are 50/50. However, given the small amount of fluid and that this is my first pregnancy he said my odds of it working were 1 in 3. Thus, we decided not to proceed with the version and do a scheduled c-section.
Last week my doc told me via phone we would wait with the c-section if necessary until closer to the due date. This morning he said, "How does early next week sound? Would you like a New Year's baby?" He had his nurse check the schedule/staffing and called me late morning with the date. The schedule is full for 12.31.07 (I wonder why...) and they do not allow anything to be scheduled on New Year's Day due to staffing. Our baby's birthdate will be 01.02.08 unless God decides otherwise. If I go into labor before the scheduled time, my ob will be called and we'll do the c-section then. If baby flips on her own by the morning of scheduled c-section, I will be induced rather than proceeding with a c-section. I would rather have a c-section than be induced so I'm hopeful that all goes well!

We're really excited to meet her!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Version is Scheduled but...

My doctor's office has scheduled a version for next Thursday, 12.27.07 at the hospital. I've been told the procedure is very uncomfortable for moms and it does not always work. They basically smear a bunch of goo on my belly and try to get baby to get turned around. They only proceed if baby's knees are not crossed and the cord is not around its head. The success rate is about 50% and is higher for non first-time pregnancies b/c the uterus is more apt to be manipulated, etc. There really are not any risks to the baby but there is a risk to injuring the placenta. Thus, they monitor mom afterwards for 1/2 hour to make sure all is well regardless of whether or not the version was successful. If we choose not to try the version, we are looking at a scheduled c-section just prior to my due date (1.11). I have never been "set" on having to have our baby vaginally or via c-section. I have nothing to prove. Our baby's health is of utmost importance; how she arrives into this world is trivial. Patrick & I have been discussing our options. I'm nervous that the version could injure the placenta & thus put our baby in harm's way; I'm nervous about complications & recovery with a c-section. If you have ever been in the same situation, please e-mail or call with any advice tonight. Patrick & I are to discuss it tonight and make a decision tomorrow. Please pray that we make the right decision and all goes well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby is Flexible Like Mommy!

I love my midwife! Last week she asked me when my next appointment was. I told her Dec. 31st and she requested that I come in today, as it is good to be monitored weekly this close to the end of your pregnancy. My weight & bp is good and I'm measuring about the same I was last week. She's estimating baby to be 5 1/2 - 6 lbs and figures that she'll be around 7 lbs at birth but that's obviously a rough estimate -- I was over 9 lbs at birth! Last week we "placed" the feet, butt, back & head. This week she wasn't convinced that the head was down anymore so she did a pelvic exam. I am not dilating yet and she couldn't feel the head/skull in my lower abdomen. Thus, she ordered and came with me to an ultrasound to verify. The u/s showed what she is frank breech! Her feet are up over her head and she's facing my back. I guess we got our wish that baby inherits mommy's flexibility. : ) That would also explain why it feels like her feet are going to poke out of my right side constantly. My midwife is going to consult with my ob to see if he recommends a version (outside manipulation to get the baby turned around), scheduled C-section or wait and see. Baby could possibly turn on her own and life would be good. If not, we may need to do a scheduled c-section. I am just very grateful that we know she's in this position in case I do go into labor before a decision is made. I will keep you all posted...
Other updates -- Tomorrow night we have our last birthing class. Our crib finally came in Dec. 8th and we're still waiting for the changing table.
We're very excited for Christmas. We'll be celebrating with Patrick's family this weekend and my family on Christmas Eve & Day. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spirit of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Complaints at Nearly 36 Weeks!

I had an appointment with my Nurse Midwife today. My bp and weight are good and I am measuring a bit small but there is no concern. Baby is continuing to do well. Her heart beat was in the 140s and we determined where her feet, butt, back & head were positioned...such fun! She's facing my spine which is good -- should prevent back labor if she stays in that position. My midwife also said that there is no reason why I have to take my belly button ring out. I am sure many of you are cringing, but I love my ring and I've had it for 10 years! My belly button hasn't "popped" and it doesn't bother me so she said there was no reason that I had to take it out. I'm sure I just jinxed myself... I have another appointment with my midwife next Wed. and then I see my OB again on Dec. 31st. I will be 36 weeks Friday; one more week until it's "safe" for baby to arrive.
Congratulations to Kristi Jo & Nick on the healthy arrival of their son William -- I saw him tonight and he is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to Lisa & Dan on the healthy arrival of their daughter Gretchen -- a future dancer, right Lis?!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

8 Months Preggers!

Here I am at 8 months pregnant! Patrick & I have attended two of five nights of our birthing classes thus far. We were pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face in the class: Shannon Essler Petty and her husband Richard. Shannon's brother Derek and I were classmates and Shannon used to date one of Patrick's good friends in high school. Our dads are pretty good sports -- having had to "endure" wearing a sling filled with 30 lbs of bean bags, learning how to ease our back labor if applicable, and other relaxation techniques for us moms. I must say Pat has been especially helpful lately. I must have outdid myself working in the house during yesterday's snow storm as my calves & lower back hurt. Patrick very willingly massaged my calves and promised a back massage this evening. Yea! He got to ride our snowmobile this afternoon and since I cannot venture out on it until after baby arrives, I don't feel guilty asking for and enjoying his pampering. According to my references, baby weighs ~5 lbs and is 18-19 inches long. I feel bad as I haven't regularly exercised for a month. It's hard to motivate myself when it's cold outside. I really should at least stretch to make recovery easier on myself. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow as much as I am!!