Thursday, December 20, 2007

Version is Scheduled but...

My doctor's office has scheduled a version for next Thursday, 12.27.07 at the hospital. I've been told the procedure is very uncomfortable for moms and it does not always work. They basically smear a bunch of goo on my belly and try to get baby to get turned around. They only proceed if baby's knees are not crossed and the cord is not around its head. The success rate is about 50% and is higher for non first-time pregnancies b/c the uterus is more apt to be manipulated, etc. There really are not any risks to the baby but there is a risk to injuring the placenta. Thus, they monitor mom afterwards for 1/2 hour to make sure all is well regardless of whether or not the version was successful. If we choose not to try the version, we are looking at a scheduled c-section just prior to my due date (1.11). I have never been "set" on having to have our baby vaginally or via c-section. I have nothing to prove. Our baby's health is of utmost importance; how she arrives into this world is trivial. Patrick & I have been discussing our options. I'm nervous that the version could injure the placenta & thus put our baby in harm's way; I'm nervous about complications & recovery with a c-section. If you have ever been in the same situation, please e-mail or call with any advice tonight. Patrick & I are to discuss it tonight and make a decision tomorrow. Please pray that we make the right decision and all goes well.

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Melissa said...

Bren & Pat, you're in my prayers. I'm sure everything will be fine, being you're such a healthy young lass! :)
Merry Christmas to all 3 of you!
Love you guys,