Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maizie Reese!

Maizie dug right into her birthday cake. However, her first couple of bites were nothing but frosting so we cut into it a little bit. Princess crown is courtesy of her godmother.Poor girl was tired though and had had enough. After a few's her party and she'll cry if she wants to. ; ) She cut her 2nd tooth the day before her birthday; she cut her first tooth 12.11.

Here is the cake I made for Miss Maizie. It's a beehive surrounded by bees. I found the idea online and thought it was cute -- no other significance.

Baby's First Christmas

Maizlyn trying her sled on for size with her moose.
Maizlyn & Cooper are only 4 months apart. Here Maizie is trying to sneak Cooper's drink away from him while we capture a photo.
Sweet baby in her Christmas dress checking out the presents around the tree.
3 of our 4 nephews: Jacob, Nicholas & John at Jennissen Family Christmas.
Our family on Christmas Eve.