Saturday, May 17, 2008

Maizlyn's First 5K

We participated in our first 5K as a family today! The Old Glory Run in Cold Spring honored our military and proceeds will benefit disabled vets. We really enjoyed the race and its purpose and plan to do it again next year. We were also pretty happy with our finish of around 27 minutes. The last time I ran, it was two miles two months ago. The last time Pat ran was last fall when I was pregnant. The weather is finally cooperating again! Pictured is Pat and Maizie right before the start of the race.

Pat & Maizie crossing the finish line. Yes, I get bragging rights for finishing before my husband. ; ) I am excited to use our jogging stroller with Maizie during our next race but we have to wait until she can sit unassisted.Bren & Maizie chilling after the race.

A family photo after completing the race. Maizlyn was busy looking at all of the people.


Melissa said...

You guys are such a cute, athletic family! Congrats on the 5K too.

bethjennissen said...

Way to go racers!