Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost a Toddler

I apologize for not updating in awhile. We have had a busy fall. Patrick & I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, Maizie is moving on her own (but we're still waiting for those teeth), and we celebrated Thanksgiving in Arizona with my brother and his fiancee. We truly have so much to be thankful for and neither of us take our lives for granted. We are incredibly grateful for each other, our family & friends, our daughter, our good health and our job status. We're also looking forward to sharing Maizlyn's First Christmas and celebrating her first birthday in a few weeks. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and please, enjoy the Christmas & holiday season!
Maizie has been falling asleep "folded over" lately. It looks like an uncomfortable sleeping position but she seems to like it. ; )

I absolutely LOVE these two pictures of Pat & Maizie. It could not have been staged any better had we tried. I first captured the two of them being "serious" and then both of them smiling. I think I'm going to frame them together for my office space.
On the move...Maizlyn started crawling after we returned from our trip in October. I was very happy that I didn't miss it! Once she started crawling, she immediately found our movie "collection." She started pulling herself up onto the coffee table, couch, drawers, etc. at the end of last month. Only a matter of time before she's walking. Yikes!

Our smiley little munchkin.


jill5677 said...

Thanks Bren! Been needing my Mazie fix! :)

Jo said...

Looks like a busy, busy girl!!

Can't wait to see you all at Christmas!