Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

We had a wonderful weekend at the cabin!! Patrick and I both had Friday off so we enjoyed a long weekend with family and friends. We went swimming, boating, jet-skiing and running. Saturday night we enjoyed the array of fireworks across the lake over a bonfire with a couple friends and family. Sunday we did our annual Felling get-together. It was hard to go back to work Monday...
I'm feeling really well. My belly is pretty hard to miss and the baby is kicking and moving a lot...especially at night. We have our ultrasound in two weeks. Tomorrow marks the halfway point for me. Yay!! I'm getting very excited to meet this little person growing inside of me. November will be here before I know it!
Maizlyn received her first jet ski ride of the year this weekend.
Maizlyn enjoying one of her floats.
When we went down to the lakeshore, Maizie immediately walked to the water, sat down and started playing with her bucket and shovel.

A video of Maizlyn practicing her boat driving skills and blowing a kiss to mommy.

Video of a giggling little girl having fun with her mama!


jill5677 said...

OMG that giggling video is too cute!!! "COOL!" :)


Jo said...

I loved those videos!!