Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Expanding Buddha-Belly

The "BUDDHA-BELLY" is growing. It has really popped a presence the last couple weeks. Here are two pictures of said exhibit. Exhibit A (bottom) was taken 9.6.07 (21.6 weeks) and Exhibit B (top) was taken 9.18.07 (23.4 weeks). Can you notice the difference from my last buddha-belly posting?! As you can see, my favorite sweats still fit comfortably -- yea!
Baby is moving, kicking and turning quite a bit. I love feeling her move! I'm pretty sure I felt her hiccupping for the first time Saturday night, 9.15.07 -- that was pretty cool. This Friday I will be 24 weeks pregnant! 16 weeks to go...cross my fingers not much more than that. : )

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bethjennissen said...

Brenda so glad that everything is going well and that you are "expanding!" That means that baby girl is growing just right! Can't wait to see you this weekend. Take Care Girl,