Thursday, October 18, 2007

Third Trimester!!

I am now in my third trimester! 12 weeks until my due date comes and goes. : ) Yesterday I had my glucose screening for gestational diabetes and a check-up with the NP. My lab results were in by the afternoon and both my hemoglobin & glucose are normal. I am 28 weeks tomorrow and I was measuring at 27 so I'm right on track. Baby's heartbeat was a strong 143 and she continues to bring a smile to my face with every kick, turn & move. Last week Patrick and I were lying in bed watching tv. Something from Seinfeld cracked me up and I could not stop laughing. Pat then pointed out how funny my stomach looks when I laugh, which contributed to another laugh attack. I'm sure baby was wondering what the heck was going on as she was moving like crazy. Today is our Fourth Anniversary! We had a dual celebration with Pat's parents over dinner, as it is Harold's 57th birthday as well!

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