Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is Good

Once again, nearly two months have gone by without an update. It just means life is good at the Jennissen household. Here are some pictures from the past couple months.

Me and my little girl in the conservatory.

We went to Como Zoo last weekend with Jen, Nick, Cooper, Jolaine & Dan. It was really windy but fun!

I went to the Dancin' Off Broadway spring show with Melanie & Michelle a couple weeks ago. Patrick stayed home with Maizie and Ezra, her 2nd cousin once removed. Maizie was a bit jealous of the attention Ezra received from Pat and is checking things out before she leaves.

Playing with my ray of sunshine.


jill5677 said...

Thanks for the update Bren!!! She is getting so big, but still is just so darn cute. Her smile lights up the world! Hugs to all of you!

Jo said...

So cute!!!

I just love that pic of you and her in the sun room....

pbjenn said...

Thanks Jill and Jo!