Friday, May 22, 2009

April and early May

Maizie had no fear of climbing up onto the "tractor" and "driving" a couple weeks ago. John Deere...Grandpa Kinzer would be so proud!

Someone looks really last book before bedtime. How cute is this picture?! I love how she's resting her arm on Patrick's head!

My mom and Maizlyn having fun at the park. Maizlyn loves the park. What toddler doesn't, right? She is pretty brave too. She climbs up the stairs to the slide and goes right down. One night this week she got a bit of air and then landed flat on her butt in the sand. She just giggled!

Maizie loves to "read" books and have us read to her. It is common for me or Pat to sit and read 15 books at a time with her. She just gets up after we finish one, goes to her basket and brings us another. Here she is relaxing while enjoying one of her favorites.

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