Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Baby's Moving!!

Baby is strong enough to make me notice as I felt him or her move for the first time while lying in bed a couple weeks ago. It's a strange feeling as its not a definite "kick" or "nudge" you hear about later in pregnancy. It's more like a brushing on my insides between my belly and pubic bone. It's an incredible feeling! I'm starting to feel baby move more and more -- mostly while I'm lying in bed at night. However, baby said hello this morning while I was blowdrying my hair too! : )


Aschoff Family said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful!! Isn't that sensation just incredible? I'm so glad to hear that my little niece or nephew is growing so big and strong. Take care!

Jo said...

Oh, how wonderful!! I'm so happy for you and Pat. I'm sure it is just an incredible experience.

bethjennissen said...

Oh how fun! It's a pretty cool experience to feel that baby kicking. You'll have several more months of that kicking keeping you up at night too. :-)

Thanks for keeping us posted,