Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeling Pregnant at 19.3 weeks!

The book I am reading was & uterus have popped out over the last 3 weeks! I am now feeling pregnant. :) Last Monday I experienced the most uncomfortable feeling of pregnancy thus far. I was driving to one of my clinics and suddenly had some pain in my upper abdomen. Once parked outside the clinic, it took me 10 minutes to get a grip and put on a face to do my call. Once back in my car, I called my ob's nurse just to make sure my inkling of what was going on was correct and that I had no need to worry (sorry Jen, I could have called you!). She confirmed that my ab muscles were stretching to make room for my growing uterus. Oww!!! It hurt really bad. I popped two Tylenol and the pain diminished then resurfaced 6 hours later. Call me a wuss, but I had tears in my eyes it hurt so bad. I told Pat that if it hurts that bad for my ab muscles to stretch how the heck am I gonna get through labor?! I'm pretty sure I'll be more than pleased to have an epidural. So long to my 2-pack and any chance of having a 4-pack ever again. : )
We have our ultrasound next Monday. We're both really excited to see how baby has progressed since the initial ultrasound at 6.6 weeks!


PennyS said...

Thanks for the updated picture! You are too cute :)

bethjennissen said...

Brenda: thnaks for the update. You look so cute. You will get thru labor just fine...especiallywith that epidural! LOVE IT! Anyway, can't wait to see you in a few more weeks at Oktoberfest!
Love ya,