Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is where the baby lives.

(This part of the blog was written by the paternal half of the couple-Pat)
I would like to start by saying I am writing this blog to fulfill my contractual obligations to my wife. When she wanted to do this blog thing she originally said that we could each write one. So of course I objected, I reasoned that the observations that I would be putting in here could only get me in major trouble (how much weight I have noticed she has gained, how moody she has been, etc) so after about an hour of protest we compromised to one entry.... so here you have it.
This is actually kind of cool because Brenda had an ultrasound yesterday, so I get to tell you all about the details (from my perspective).
Brenda and I have been debating for some time about whether we should find out the sex of our baby. I was on the side of science, technology, appropriate planning, and general common sense. Brenda on the other side was on the side of "old-fashioned" stubborness. I will spare you most of the details but I actually won this debate. We actually did decide to find out the sex. (For those of you who know me I usually let Brenda have her way because she is spoiled and it is just easier but not this time, so this is a big deal).
So we get to the hospital and Brenda has had about 4 gallons of water because they told her to do that. I asked the tecnician why they make them drink so much water and she says to me.."it's to help see the baby better"...well duhh, thanks for that info... I thought it was just so you could watch my wife writhe in agony. (I never really got a straight answer on that.)
So Brenda gets this jelly stuff smeared all over her belly (that's where the baby lives) and then the technician goes to work with her magic wand, periodically stopping to tell us that some blob on the screen is a leg, a lip, hand, head, etc. Seriously she could have told me anything it all looked like a plate of scrambled eggs to me. According to her though everything looked good.
Then came the moment we had been waiting for, and boy were we surprised......two heartbeats...just kidding. That would have been crazy though!
But thenvb fogr toj tllhe Girfhrl aqwdnd swwhe saifdgd thwenw Boy no for how doesrtue!
So needless to say we are both super excited! Hope you enjoyed my blog.


Jo said...

Pat you are mean...your a great brother and all but toying with our emotions is not nice....

Great blog though...you should write more...great to get the other side of the story....

Seriosly what did you find out???? I tried deciphering that gabbledeegoop your wrote but no luck....

Brenda, please translate for my brother....he's a dork

Love Ya!

bethjennissen said...

OOh, Jolaine...gotta give them a call. We did and we are so excited! Can't wait to meet our new neicphew. :-)! Pat and Brenda, we are so happy for you and can't wait to see you as parents! You will be wonderful!


slief said...

Oh you silly people! Pat- loved your blog! HAHA If the way my pregancy is going and if we are experiencing that same things or lack there of, I know the sex :) Keeping letting us know progresses!! Time will FLY now that you had an ultrasound Bren so MILK IT!!!! Steph!

PennyS said...

I am so glad I finally talked to you Bren :) Pat, I spent way too much time trying to decipher your gibberish... I am so happy for you guys :)

Dan said...

Brenda I love you! Bren I'm excited for you to be a mom!
I can't say the same for your slacker husband.
Pat, this is ridiculous. How am I supposed to know what color of booties to knit?

Megan and Aaron said...

Hi Pat and Brenda!
I am SO excited for you and I love your blog, what a great way to journal and keep all us informed on how you are doing! You look radiant, and we are so excited for you.
Megan, Aaron and Isabel Frank