Thursday, August 23, 2007


Two of my friends told me about some crazy dreams they had when they were pregnant. I can now relate but will not share those dreams on this site. I will however, share the two dreams I have had about our baby. The first dream I remember occurred last Monday night. I dreamt that I gave birth to twin daughters! They were absolutey beautiful and wrapped in pink blankets. Names were never mentioned in the dream and as much as Patrick wishes it were true, twins are not growing inside of me. The second dream I had was last Wednesday. I dreamt that we had a baby boy! As I was holding him, I turned to show Patrick our son (as if he wouldn't have seen him yet at that point) and I said so this is -- -- and said the exact name we have picked out for a boy. Is this a sign that we are continuing the Jennissen streak??!! We shall 20.1 weeks!


Jo said...

Oh!! I wish you were having twin girls that would be so precious!!!! Okay one girl or boy would be precious too!! (Although I really wish you would break the Jennissen streak. This auntie has a real urge to buy little frilly dresses!!! Although I have grown a fondness of shirts with dinosours and trucks on them!!)

bethjennissen said...

I remember having dreams that I couldn't see my baby's face but other people could and they kept saying what an ugly baby I had and I just really wanted to see for myself, but couldn't! I think it's so mamzing how the brain works! Now you know what you are having so you will be able to dream, dream all about your new little one!